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                                    ABOUT US

The Bolour family has been in the antique carpet business for three generations.  Starting out in Tehran as the premier destination for foreign collectors of tribal rugs, the business soon expanded to become a leader in the field of Decorative carpets and tapestries throughout Europe and the United States.  The Gallery is now located in the heart of the design district in Los Angeles, where father and son Benyamin and Noah Bolour run the operation hand in hand. 

With a comprehensive inventory spanning almost every category and provenance imaginable, we are uniquely positioned to serve both the highly seasoned collector and the aesthetically-conscious designer/homeowner.  In addition to antique carpets, our inventory includes tapestries, textiles and a variety of antique art objects from around the world. All of our pieces are selected with careful consideration in regards to historical importance and aesthetic merit.

Please visit our gallery at 932 N. La Cienega blvd. By appointment only.  Contact us by email at noah@bbolour.com or by phone at 310-289-7959.