63) Tekke rug

63) Tekke rug


This piece, possibly a wedding rug, features generously spaced main gols and a rare secondary gol for this format. Notice the weaver's decision to include an array of beautifully drawn border elements on the left side while leaving them out on the right side. The fine weave and handle of this piece point to it being an early example of its type. 

  • Condition - Good. All original. A few areas stitched back together. Mostly low to medium pile with one area of wear to the foundation. Missing a portion of the outer border on both sides as well as a small amount of the ends on both sides. Secured and ready for use.
  • Size - 5'1" x 3'7" 
  • Age - Mid 19th century
  • Technical information - Wool pile. Wool warp and wool weft. Asymmetrically knotted open to the right.


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